Praise God for all of our city clubs but one in particular, Sinclair Lane Elementary needs another teacher. There are 42 children enrolled. Although my mom is an experienced teacher, that is quite a large group for any one person. Please pray that God will send her a partner. Meanwhile, pray her strength in the Lord. She is thrilled that several of the 5th grade students have stepped up to be her assistants with attendance and listening to memory verses. That has been a huge help. It is my desire that of our 106 children enrolled in our 6 clubs; each one will sign up for the Mailbox club so that they can continue learning beyond the club. Many need Bibles, so please pray that we are able to get one in each hand and as a result, many will come to know more about our Lord and Savior and put their confidence in him.  Our local committee will be planning the Annual Prayer breakfast soon and you are all INVITED. More info will be available at a later time.  Thank you all for your loving and sacrificial support. We in Baltimore certainly appreciate you.

~testimony by Robert Morgan, officail Baltimore City Missionary