Children’s Bible Ministries offers unique, year-round discipleship programs. These lessons, special meetings, Clubs, and Camp are the foundation upon which Children’s Bible Ministries was built. In the 1930s, children would complete lessons and memorize verses to earn a free week at Summer Camp as a reward! Decades later, our purpose is the same: to disciple kids through the truths of the Word of God and give them Summer Camp at a discount! Our lessons teach children the basic fundamentals of the Christian faith, starting with “What is sin?” In addition to ‘hands on’ instruction, there is also the Mailbox Club which is done at home. This can be done online or be mailed in. The Mailbox Club lessons are then graded and the next lesson is sent until the series is complete. Although, participating in our programs is FREE, Children’s Bible Ministries has many expenses in providing the training and materials to create a fun, teachable experience. Through your sponsorship, Children’s Bible Ministries will be able to continue to provide these important Bible lessons for children – FREE of charge!
CBM’s staff are among a unique group of individuals who trust the Lord completely for their sustenance: a lifestyle called “faith-based living”. Our philosophy for this approach is that through faith-based missions, we offer the opportunity for Christian donors like you to be able to participate in ministry when you otherwise would not be able to. You are able to be part of God’s work through CBM without being on the “front lines”. Your work is done through the Missionaries you support, who could not do it without you! When you support a Missionary, you fund God’s work in your particular area. In the PayPal notes, simply designate whether you would like to be a monthly, quarterly, annual, or one-time partner. We really can NOT do this work without YOU!
Although some of our full-time Missionaries do work a second job, they do not make enough to live on. Individuals and churches can support specific CBM Missionaries so they can dedicate more time to the lives of children and their families and less time trying to put food on the table.
For many children, our Camp is the only place where they hear sound Biblical teaching at their level. Satan tries to destroy kids when they’re young, but by the grace of God we are able to combat these attacks in a setting away from the distractions of daily life while providing an enjoyable highlight in their lives. Unfortunately, between general expenses and high insurance costs, running even one week of Camp costs money. That’s where you come in! With your donations, we can afford to let children from underprivileged families attend our Camp for free, who otherwise may never get a chance to see and experience God’s love. Full sponsorship for one child is $250.00; however, donations of any size will be gratefully appreciated and accepted!
Teaching materials, electric bills, reimbursing drivers, running activities, general maintenance, and even this website all cost money, as you can well imagine. This money can come from supporting churches and organizations, but mostly it comes from donors like YOU. If you have experienced the benefits of our Ministry first-hand, or have been told of the many good things we do to God’s glory, please consider helping us out in whatever way you can. We are grateful for ANY financial support….and there are so many ways to give!
CBM of Maryland is now a part of The Maryland Charity Campaign (MCC) The MCC is an annual ‘workplace giving’ campaign that allows Maryland State Employees and Retirees the opportunity to easily support CBM of Maryland.   Please provide the CBM of Maryland EIN: 52-1334775 when making a donation through the MCC.
For your convenience, CBM of MD has instituted an easy method for you to provide automatic deductions from your checking or debit accounts. Please download this PDF form and mail it to the office.  (Please let us know if you have any questions in completing this form.)
You can also download the MS Word Version of this form here.
Donations By Mail – We will gladly accept personal or business checks or Money Orders mailed to:

CBM of Maryland
1600-B Emory Rd.
Upperco, Md 21155

Please make them payable to “CBM of Maryland”, and make note that you found this information on our website.

“Borrowing” a Camp facility is one thing, having your OWN facility to manage, share, and further God’s Kingdom is another!
We are raising funds to be used to purchase Our Own Camp Facility, and have provided an online donation page for this special purpose.
To see our progress and consider making your donation, please visit the Go Fund Me website.